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Jan 27, 2022
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Hello Friends,

I want to learn about Zimbra and Nagios (i.e., as Beginner to Advance Level), what should I do to learn about this topic and where do I learn about it are there any resources i.e., video lectures or documentation or notes?

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Rupesh Kumar

Hello @rupesh690,
Welcome to the forums.
I am not familiar with Those clients but on the Zimbra web page under support they have a training tab you might start there.
And Again Nagios has a support tab and they have their own forum which may be a better place to seek advice on their software.
Nagios seems to be a closed source paid for software how ever so it may cost to find out. Others here are more familiar with those systems. But welcome in any event. They both seem to be for profit closed source systems so most of us have not played with them.
Thanks a lot @kc1di for your answer, it means a great deal. I went to the website under support sections, but its too costly to be honest. I needed to learn this field because of job priorities.
Thank you
You learn by experience, so just try installing and configuring both Nagios and Zimbra until you have a working configuration and be sure to use the documentation to help with your setup.

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