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I have two Mybooklive network drives. One of of them is defective and so I am busy transferring all the data onto the new one.
At 1MB per sec it will take days and days to transfer 1.5 TB of data.

Due to the fine work of Ron_KK1L od the WD Community, who demonstrated that you could transfer data at speeds of 35MB per sec is possible. Please see below

However, I have the extra problem that due to a firmware defect. I am unable to log into the administrators account of my defective MBL. Boooo!

But I can log into two other accounts on the defective drive. Heeey!

But when I run the command line it transfers extremely quickly only a small amount of files that are placed in the Public share folder. Boooo!

Note: The two user account are entirely empty.

My question is: Is it possible to find away around this problem in order to copy the entire contents of the defective drive.

Please take a look at the command line and let me know whether you have any ideas.

All thoughts welcome.

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From the information below I extracted the command line:

wget -mirror -np -x --no-host-directories ftp://User name:p[email protected]/Public

QUICKLY copying files from one NAS to another using wget By Ron_KK1L od the WD Community


I thought I would share a fast way to copy files from one NAS to another. I had the misfortune of my MBL 2TB drive starting to fail. WD made good by replacing it. I needed to copy my data to the new drive so I could send the failing drive back to WD. Doing this through Windows file copy or FreeFileSync or some other way was going to take a long time. A small bit of research revealed that "wget" could do the job. "wget" is already installed on the MBL, so NO HACKING is required! GREAT NEWS.

So here is what I did to copy all the files from "Public" on one MBL to "Public" on another:
(Updated switches 12-FEB-2012 to fully copy drive)

1) Enable ssh on your MBL (http://ip-address-of-MBL/UI/ssh)
2) Log onto the MBL with putty or something similar
3) cd /shares (this puts you at the root of the Windows, etc accessible files. You should see "Public" here.)
4) wget -mirror -np -x --no-host-directories -o "directory/logfilename" ftp://adminassword@ip-address/Public
Replace "password" with the admin password for the MBL
Replace "ip-address" witht the ip-address of the NAS you would like to copy FROM
"-mirror" means recursively drill down unlimited depth
"-np" keeps recursion below the parent (probalby not needed)
"-x" creates even empty directories if they exist
"--no-host-directories" means do not prepend the ip-address to the local directory structure

On my 1GB network moving files from a 2TB MBL to a 6TB MBL-Duo went at a rate of 20-35MB/s! Just awesome.
For example to transfer a 21GB directory took 21min. I had all 705GB of data copied in...well the MBL I am taking the data from is failing, so it does not make it through all 705GB before I have to unplug/replug the drive. The average transfer rate over all files copied (small, large, and otherwise) is 19MB/s for me.

Note: is "colon" followed by "p" in the wget command.

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