Native DirectX Ubuntu (Linux in General)?



Hey all, I've spent days looking for more information but couldn't find anything. More or less there was talk in 2010 about Gallium3D and being able to hook DirectX 10/11 straight into Linux (most talks were about Ubuntu specifically). I haven't found anything newer though -- I'm curious as to what the progress is like and if it is really a possibility to do so.

The only reason I use Windows is for gaming and I'd love more than anything to be able to move off of it for good.

The link referenced is here:



That's great! We're not gonna be seeing DirectX 10/11 games on Linux just yet... but we're getting there.

This isn't gonna help you move off Windows any more than Wine already does... because this doesn't mean that we'll be able to natively run DirectX 10/11 games on Linux. It just means that we'll now be able to access DirectX 10/11 functionality from modern video cards in Wine. So you'll still need Wine to take advantage of this and play Windows games, and you'll have the same chances of getting your game to work as before. And, since most games nowadays only use DirectX 9, your choice of games won't suddenly increase... at best this will at least allow you to try out Battlefield 3 on Linux.
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