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Need advice on distro differences LAMP-wise



I've got Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 and I plan to install LAMP on it. One of my friends (he uses SUSE) has this nice video course here: LinuxCBT SLES-10 Edition
My question is if I can borrow and follow along its lessons in regards to configuring (NOT installing -- that I would do myself) Apache directives, change Apache's config files etc.
That's the main thing that interests me, but in your answer you can also touch other aspects that you see as relevant to my question.

I am not to familiar with the differences between Ubuntus Apache and SUSEs Apache. I doubt they are different enough to cause any significant issues with the tutorial. However, you could switch to OpenSUSE which is free and almost certainly uses the same Apache configurations.
Thanks for your reply! Yes, I might as well try OpenSUSE after all...
Try using your friends video course, there is tons of 'free' help for LAMP on-line if you get lost grab that and then go back to your friends course. Have fun

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