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Jul 18, 2021
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I've successfully installed Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on an old Dell OptiPlex 780, and I'm trying to get a WiFi plug-in working since it doesn't have an integrated antenna. Now, on some of my machines (running various Windows OSes), it was plug and play while others I've had to manually install the drivers, be it from the included disk or from a download transferred over via thumb drive.

Since this machine has a disk drive, I used the included CD, but I'm having issues. Instead of running the disk automatically like every other machine I've ever used, it opens up a file explorer, and when I try to run the .exe file by double-clicking it, it opens it like a .zip file. Which is neat and all, getting to peek behind the curtain, but I'd kinda like to hook this guy up to the internet.

Now, the CMD box says I can run program files directly from it, but fails to tell me how/what commands I need to type in. When it comes to code, I'm a novice, meaning that I know of it, have done it a few times, written a couple super simple codes and even an incredibly simple game with a simple GUI (well over ten years ago, I might add), but I'm hardly practiced at it. In other words, if you tell me what to do, I can probably do it, but I might need it Barney-style.

G'day John, Welcome to

Have a slow read here

Also, are you able to connect via Ethernet cable ?
Another approach is :
Click on menu
type in driver manager
type in your password

It will automatically search for drivers.
your Wi-Fi dongle will normaly be automaticaly recognised [plug and play], BUT there are certain dongles using Realteck chip-sets that are either a pain to set up or some just wont work
so first question.. what is the dongle [make & model]?
second did you install the non free drivers when asked?
in the teminal type inxi -Fnx , scroll down to connections highlight that section copy and paste the result
We need to know what the dongle is, Manufacturer, type of chips set if known. The windows drivers will not usually work in Linux.

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