Need Help with Raid0 Partition Layout

You don't have to worry about partitions, in short you basically select all four disks, then create volumes and select their filesystems, if you select xfs/ext4 those will be logical volumes in a volume group and if you select btrfs those will be sub-volumes under a top volume. Then under volume to the right (where you created your fileystem volumes) you have the option to "Modify" your volume and there you can select what raid level you want to use. Also you can skip creating swap because Fedora automatically creates zram to use as swap.
Thanks for that Info f33dm3bits .
Can you provide a Link with those instructions, it would be good to have some hard copy.
As I said earlier I've been using raid in windows for years and it comes natural to me.
But in Linux I just can't find any Gospel that Sets out the Proper Procedure for Creating Raid0 During Fedora 37 Install.
Thanks to Guys like you I have gained some insight in bits and pieces.
But as I said it would be nice to have the proper procedure to Refence.
Can you help.
And keep up the good work.

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