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Need help


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I cannot seem to find where I can download the Linux software so I can put onto a USB so I can install a new PC any help I can get to me where to go so I can download it would be very much appreciated this is the first time in be using this Linux software for my PC.


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G'day spock, and Welcome the linux org

What sort of pc do you have ?...the make and model if you can, please.

Finding the software is reasonably easy.......finding the right one for your pc might be a tad harder.....then again it may be just as easy

What do you have on the PC right now ?.....probably windows....which one?......how sure are you that you want to wipe it completely?
Do you have pics, documents on there that you need to save ?

The more info you give us the easier it will be for us to send you down the right track without sidetracking you down too many rabbit holes !


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There are a lot of options for downloading Linux. My suggestion is to start with Mint. It's probably the easiest to use for beginners, and intermediates as well. It also seems to support the most hardware. You can download it by using the link at the top of this webpage, Download Linux. Unfortunately, once you get to the Mint page, you have to choose which desktop you want to run. If you have an old computer, you might want to try the XFCE desktop. If you have a newer computer then either of the others will work well. Just do a eany, meany, miny, moe to choose :) One of the many great things about Linux is that it's free. And versatile. So if you don't like the desktop you choose, or the distro, you could download another one (desktop or distro). So if you choose Mate and later decide to try Cinnamon, you have nothing to lose, just download the desktop and switch over. You can switch back and forth after downloading the second.

But before proceeding too far, you need to take Condoblokes questions into consideration. What are your plans, dual booting (keeping Windows and installing Linux also), or wiping out Windows and having nothing but Linux? Do you need to keep any docs? One option you have is to download it to the USB and only run it from the USB for a while till you make a decision. There are options to do this and keep any settings that you change on the USB. You'll need to let us know these answers and we'll be glad to help you out.


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We need the answers to a few of those questions, spock.....input is good.

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