Need ISO of Bootable CD - LIMITING computer to just ONE website/*



HELP! Time is of the Essence!! It's been over 3 months, and I Still have not been able to recreate the solution. (Sunday morning, ~10am CST, an old friend is Stopping by to pick his CD and laptop. <sigh> (& it's still not done - from 3 mos ago!!) - Id Really appreciate a Quick hand with this please.
I'd be happy to make a small donation to this website in your name, for a Working ISO if you'd please. I just found this website! Thank You!

My friend has an older laptop (Toshiba Portege M400-S5032) that runs on Windows XP, (can I say that in here?- hehe) But, for a number or reasons ...

1.) I do Not run it off the XP OS, or the Hard Drive. Instead I want/need it to off of a Bootable Puppy Linux CD.

1a)The CD does not need to have anything else on it really. No video, sound, etc ... just the BARE Basics (built in mouse-pad, etc ...)

2. Our security doorman will be using it ONLY in our building, It will Never Leave the building, and will ONLY use our network WIFI.

3. We need it to go to ONE Website ONLY.
3a. Where our Security Doorman will enters the person's name, and will then get a report back with information about the customer. If he has access, or not, or if he is to break his legs (lol ok ok, I was just kidding about the legs thing! hehe)

Sadly, Ive been trying to get this done for nearly 3 months now!
I KNOW this is NOT that hard to do,- Someone did it for me in our store years ago. Off of a CD, we would boot a computer with No Hard drive, so people could: (via the web) Log into our website; Create a User Account; Enter their user info, while ensuring they could not go anywhere else! and it was even done with Puppy Linux and Nothing Else - Not even any configuration to our router!! I just dont know how to reach the Tech, or how he did it ! <sigh>

4. The only other concern is that the Puppy Linux does not allow "bad guys", Viruses, etc into the rest of the network either!

All I do know is that it was done with PUPPY LINUX! - and Nothing else!!

Please, Please, PLEASE Advise - Time is of the Essence.

This IS a re-Post of a similarly worded question that I did not get a satisfactory answer, thus Im Re-Introducing it in hopes of a Miracle, I mean someone who can help me!
Thank You

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