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Need User/Pass for Kali Linux VMware

G'day Anh and welcome to linux.org :)

Do u have it?

Seriously, why would we have it? o_O

Take a look at the site you linked to, which says in part:

Support for Kali can be obtained via various methods listed on the Kali Linux Community page. These images have a default password of “toor” and may have pre-generated SSH host keys.

The default userid for Kali fully installed is


I cannot cay with certainty that that applies to the virtual images, but if it does, then it is



If you cannot work this out, then you are very much not up to Kali. Try an easier Linux like Ubuntu MATE or Linux Mint any for 12 months to 2 years first, then see if you are up to Kali.

Hope you checked the sha256sums before or after you downloaded and before you installed.


Chris Turner
^^^.....what he said (Wiz) ^^^^^....kali is not for the faint hearted.

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