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Jun 22, 2021
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ISSUE: While attempting to update the apt-get functionality the server locked up and rebooted. On reboot, there are no ports open and I do not have anyway to resume terminal commands.

DISCUSSION: I was working to update the kernel
Vulner Snip.JPG
image when this all went south. I am aware there are some hardware limitations to this equipment, and honestly I'm just trying to repurpose it to run either a simple intranet website or a experimental load balancer. It is not meant for production, just training and experiments. The details of my device and kernel image update instructions are at this link. The machine works(ed) assuming I can get back into it. The failure occurred on step 4.1 (installing the cross-compilation toolchain) which is, sadly, the first actual step of the process.

REQUEST: Any literature / throughs / theories as to login to the device.

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