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Hi again everyone, another noob question from me, I'm afraid, sorry.

My last thread, here, talks about my intentions, and some progress. However, I will briefly run through again.

I was using Win10 forever. I got introduced to Linux and loved it.
I have a 1TB hard drive that I wanted to share files and folders between Linux and Win10 (LAN)
I managed to do it, but a lot of the files were read-only, some not even that (they wouldn't open on Win10 systems).

I have recently read that NTFS is not ideal for this scenario, and FAT32 is better. I have started to transfer my files onto other hard drives so that I could format the 1TB HDD to FAT32 and then found (on Reddit, I believe), that NTFS may be better for my requirements.

Can someone shed some light on this situation, please?

I have just found out that leaving it in NTFS and running ntfs-3g on my Linux system is the best option. Feel free to disagree or offer other advice :)
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FAT32 has a 4G filesize limit, so I wouldn't use that either because most files now days tend to be bigger than 4G when it comes to games and media files. Have you tried installing the ntfs-3g userspace driver on your system to see if that works for you?
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