New Linux user from NYC


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@ex4722 - Definitely a support question, mate.

Please paste the material into a new Thread in General Linux, and someone (perhaps even from here) will work with you.

By putting the Thread there, everyone gets a chance to learn, and a chance to help, rather than just the people passing through this sub-forum.




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G'day @ex4722
Welcome and you will find things are more than likely changed from when you last had a play with Linux. I see the lads have given you a lot of info for you to think over and act on. Enjoy the Linux experience:) As for me:
I personally at the moment use the Ubuntu based Linux Mint which does what I require with ease, though I may flip that over to the Debian based Linux Mint (LMDE ) which is still the same but based on the Debian core. I do like MX and Manjaro and still considering whether I will install them along side Mint as they have abilities in some areas that handle something better than Mint. At the moment I have not looked at an Arch based distro.
This is what I like about Linux you have a choice in the OS and the associated software that comes packaged with it and there is the added ability to customise it to the way you operate.

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