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Daniel Cano

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Sep 24, 2018
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Hi everyone.

My name is Daniel and I've been using Ubuntu for 4 years. Now, I want install a new distro, which distro you recommend me. I am Data Science and Python, R developer I want one distro stable, with updates periodically and graphically beautiful.

Thank you.

a) Why move away from what you know? Ubuntu.
b) Also based on Ubuntu! But described as "Probably the best-looking distro in the world" Elementary OS.
c) Debian Type. Ubuntu is based on Debian Testing. Debian.
d) Red Hat Type. CentOS or Fedora.
e) Arch or Arch Type. Arch is seen as a pinnacle but can be a bind to install. AntergOS?
a) Why move away from what you know? Ubuntu.
I wondered that myself although figured you were tired of Ubuntu and wanted a change.

I find that I get tired of certain Linux Distros which is why I use several different ones.

If Ubuntu is working for you than I would stay with it and do a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 I use it and have no complaints.

My 2cents.
Hi Daniel and welcome :)

Except Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu...

... then so is Elementary OS, and Linux Lite? More a case of what isn't based on Ubuntu :D?

EOS is currently in Loki, but the Beta 2 of its radically new Juno is available last 24 hours. You can read about it at OMGUbuntu here and link from there to the Project Page. Elementary has Vala as a programming language.

Linux Lite has to be installed under Legacy (CSM - Compatibility Support Mode) as its Developer Jerry Bexencon won't be adopting UEFI any time this lifetime.

Daniel while you have your Ubuntu, I would make the acquaintance of

  • and in particular its Page Hit Ranking, the top 100 will arguably have the best support, and
  • multisystem, a French product for burning multiple, bootable .isos to a stick, you could then try a number of Distros easily and see what they have to offer in terms of programming and Look and Feel
I have covered a bit of Multisystem here - and it is easy to install on your Ubuntu and on many other Distros from different Families (Arch, Fedora-RPM, Debian).

My 20 cents worth, I guess.

MX-17 for beautiful wallpapers, based directly on Debian.

Chris Turner
multisystem, a French product for burning multiple, bootable .isos to a stick, you could then try a number of Distros easily and see what they have to offer in terms of programming and Look and Feel

Is there a trick to using MultiSystem?

2018-09-28 22-58-06.jpeg
Hi. Thank you to everyone.

I try different distros in mode live. I have decided install Manjaro Linux, is very nice based in Arch Linux, Pacman is very good it don't need PPA, hardware driver is complete, is stable. Graphic User Interface is beautiful you can install Gnome, KDE (the best for me) or Xcfe.
Just be aware that Manjaro has its own repositories and it does not/should not be mixed with the normal Arch repositories.
Yes Jeffrey - Arch User Repositories or AUR.


Daniel, g'day :)

I like your choice, but then I run about 8 Arch-based Distros, including 3 Manjaro.

The article I have linked to might appear to be a bit "doom and gloom", but so far, touch wood, I have not had any adverse experiences.

AUR is arguably the largest known Repository in the Linux world, so it is understandable that people might want to install from it.

The article also says, in part

You may also be asked if you wish to Edit PKGBUILD. Unless you know what you are doing, always type n for 'no' when asked.

You need a considerable amount of experience before you type y for yes in that regard, and I, for one, do not have that yet. :p

In other Linux Families :

  • Sabayon makes use of Gentoo's Repositories and
  • Linux Mint provides access to Ubuntu's Repositories
with little or no adverse affects.

Anecdotally, there is an element of risk associated with installing any software that is outside of your Linux Distro's official repositories.

My best advice if you wish to do so, and generally speaking across the board, is to install Timeshift and take a full snapshot or incremental snapshot of your Distro before you install foreign software, then you can roll back if things head south for the winter :)


My Tute on Timeshift

and for a simple overview, Arochester found this one from Linux Lite's Manual some time ago

NOTE that with mine where there is a video on how to install Timeshift in Manjaro, that appears to be now a little outdated and I will attend to that.

There may be no need to use "yaourt" which accesses the AUR, to install it.

Instead, I have found with my 3 Manjaro's that you can use

sudo pacman -S timeshift

Hope this helps


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