New to Linux. Hi….


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Oct 2, 2022
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I am new to this forum site.
I have tried a few different computer support sites with forums, and I have not been having any luck with responses, so hope this one works!

I admit my bias, but I think this is a great forum to ask questions.

We're not all that busy, but we have some regulars who are pretty smart and willing to help - sometimes working long and hard to find a satisfactory resolution.

You might want to click the link in my signature that explains how to ask a good support question. If you're new, and have had earlier issues on other forums, this is a beneficial article to read. It gives you some guidelines that will help you get the most out of your, and our, support efforts.

Finally, I'll mention that we're not actually affiliated with the Linux kernel. This is a privately operated site that just managed to get a brilliant domain name. Welcome aboard!
Thankyou for your response. It’s the first computer site so far that has actually responded. All the others had zero replies but many views lol.
You also should refrain from posting so many topics that are all similar.

Be patient. What you're doing is considered 'flooding'. Please abstain from that.
I removed some of the superfluous topics.

If anyone here knows, they'll let you know. It's a weekend and we're scattered across the globe, in various time zones.
Ok thanks. No worries.

If there is at least one post up somewhere of that topic would be good!
The question is fairy ugent as no one has replied to me on other sites.
I’m at a loose end right now, but I’ll be patient as you suggested.
Moving this to Member Introductions, as it does not have anything to do with Linux support, eg installing a Distro.

Chris Turner
Welcome to the forums
as @KGIII has eluded, we are an independent site manned by enthusiast with a wide spread of specialities, and spread across all four corners of the globe, please be patient with us as the member who may have specific knowledge of a problem may take a while to find it and answer.
Hello @Christy877,
Welcome to the Forum, Enjoy! I'm sure your questions if computer/Linux related will get good advise here.
Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me so far. Hopefully my question will get answered in the next few days or so. I haven't been on an internet support forum in 10 or 15 years. Things are much different to those days.
Also how many questions can u ask a day? Lol.
Also how many questions can u ask a day
that would depend on what they are, repeat or similar ones will be deleted by the staff, off-topic ones may be or else moved, bad language ,politically leaning questions will face the axe man, remember we are a 13+ website so keep it pleasent
Hi... I've been through a few of them myself, I found this one to be quite adequate as well. They are also quite active on reddit. Though like with any other forum, either a flamebaiter or a siddler will make an occasional appearance.

As a matter of fact I encountered one today who was both. But don't let that bother you though. Its generally a pleasant experience.
Thanks but what does that mean? U know where the forums are?
reddit is one big forum, and these are the different subforums names, so if you look up r/linuxmasterrace for example you will be linked to that subforum:)
Thanks but what does that mean? U know where the forums are?
reddit is a social media platform which acts similar as a forum, however it streams topic titles of interest (the ones you've subscribed to) to you home page. Upon registration, you use it's internal search bar and write down the topics, called subreddits, that you want to look for in the manner in which I have prescribed above. Once you reach said subreddits, you can post topics within them like you would on a regular forum.
Oh ok thanks for your responses. Lol im a beginner. Ok I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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