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Newbie: Help Please - Found Traces of Windows After Linux Mint Complete Install


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I'm new to Linux and am finding the experience really positive so far. I installed Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon as a full install (chose to wipe Microsoft Windows). After a little exploring I've found traces of Windows still left in the C drive, e.g. in Program Data folder, Program Files folder etc. Is this because I didn't properly wipe Windows or is it because I have Wine installed?

Also, I installed the Ubuntu version of PureVPN as I couldn't find a Mint version of it. I researched a little and found that Ubuntu was the closest to Mint (as I said, I'm new to Linux so I may well be wrong). It installed properly but I can't find where the program is installed to so I can't open/use it (can't even find where to uninstall it).

I accept that it's more than possible that my newness to Linux is confusing me and that things could well be perfectly normal so please go easy with me :).



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I've found traces of Windows still left in the C drive, e.g. in Program Data folder, Program Files folder etc. Is this because I didn't properly wipe Windows or is it because I have Wine installed?
Yes, that is it exactly. Wine recreates some file and folder structure to work, and that is all you found. It should be buried in a hidden folder (.wine) in your home folder. Files or folders that start with a dot (.) are hidden, and you don't normally see them... CTRL-H should toggle to show them and hide them again.

Mint is based on Ubuntu, so just about anything that will run in one can also run in the other.

Welcome to Linux! You're gonna have a blast! :D



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G'day Interista, and Welcome to linux.org

We are not in the habit of not going easy !!...we do realise that all people new to Linux have a thousand questions, and are basically swimming uphill and in the dark !

When you chose to wipe windows...I am assuming you formatted the drive in some way (correct ?)....and then when you installed you may have also chosen to allow Linux to "arrange" the hdd for you as well. (?)

Either way any trace of the original windows install will be dead and gone (this is a good thing !) :D

The fact that you already have Wine installed is impressive...well done !.....wine is not my cup of tea, however I choose to march to beat to the beat of a different drum when it comes to making arrangements for a windows alternative.

Just about any Ubuntu app/program will install easily on Linux Mint 19.2 This is because Linux is based on Ubuntu

Be careful where you get the apps from It is worth doing a little reading about the repositories in Linux....basically this is a "store" which you can download and install from easily...and above all Safely.

In 19.2, if you click on menu, and start to type in software manager.....the software manager contains a startling array of all sorts of programs....free....and safe/clean

Pure vpn.....I may be wrong, but I think pure uses openvpn as its base. Try typing in (menu) openvpn.....and see what that brings up.

You can also open the menu....and run down the list of "All Applications"....you may find it there....or just type in to the menu...vpn......on its own

There is also an app called synaptic package manager (menu...type it in)

It looks complex.....and it is. Be careful of what you do here. Think before you click.

Click on "search" ....type in what you are looking for....hit Search.....if it is on that pc it will show.

A green 'square' at the beginning of the line, indicates it is installed.

if you right click on that line, you will have options.....mark for removal/mark for complete removal.......the difference is the complete removal will also remove any subcode/apps/ etc that the main app has depended on....usually called dependencies.

If you are sure you wish to remove "it"....whatever it is.....select the 'remove', or completely remove.......and then up at the top of the page to the left there is an icon named...APPLY. Click that and follow the prompts.

Also be aware that you can reverse the procedure......right click on whatever you want....select 'Mark for Installation'....click on apply......and follow the prompts.

All of the above....be CAREFUL.

Just in case the 19.2 goes south.....menu...type in TIMESHIFT.

This is the BEST program/app you will ever use.

Be SURE to use it..set it up to save snapshots of your system to an external hdd

It works something like system restore in windows......one minor difference....it works.

vpn....I Use airvpn.......and it works remarkably well on Linux. (it costs$)

Figure out your next line of questions ....throw them our way.......we are quite adept at helping. We dont do "making it hard on you ".....;):cool:



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forgot something.....FIREWALL.......did you turn it on ?....vitally important !!!!

Menu...firewall....turn it on....one click....thats it........it is now on forever more.

Also...menu...welcome screen....tis worth following the steps there...its a good checklist


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Thanks all. Yes, it would appear that the only place Windows appears is when I browse C and .wine is present. I didn't format my hard drive before installing Linux but I went with all the standard installation options as they came up (my first idea was to have a dual boot but I couldn't work out how to do it so I just went with the standard option).

To my recollection, the only app/program which I installed outside of Software Manager were either programs I've used before and so trust (e.g. I downloaded PureVPN for Windows and tried to see would it run in Wine - it didn't) or Stacer which I downloaded from Sourceforge.

The weird thing is, in the software manager repository it tells me I have OpenVPN installed but when I try to find it, I can't (neither by searching for it nor by looking through all the applications). I've always found PureVPN very good and have a 5 year subscription so it'd be useful to get it working somehow.

One other thing, is it really true that I do not need an antivirus program at all (nor a malwarebytes type program)? I know Linux is much safer from viruses but is it not prudent to run the odd check anyway (I've even read in certain sources that say an antivirus on Linux actually reduces your security).

Thanks again.


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I also tried the following for OpenVPN but still nothing:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn
sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome
sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc
sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-gnome
sudo dpkg -i
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You might get PureVPN to run from a terminal. Otherwise OpenVPN come already installed in Mint. You can get to it from the Network icon in the system tray.

Yes it is true, you really do not 'need' anti-virus software. However, Wine apps may collect a virus and may infect other wine apps, but; not your linux. Mint comes with clamtk (a graphical front end for Clam Antivirus) in the software manager.

Good luck and have fun!

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