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Is there an easy to access, read & comprehend (for newbies) list of hardware that is linux friendly? By linux friendly I also mean non-proprietary and open source.

What I would like is a nice simple sheet that lists different categories of hardware (click to expand, drill down into brands / models) that says plain and simple if the hardware plays nice with linux - including, does the manufacturer provide open source, non-proprietary drivers. I don't want to buy s**t like nvidea that forces me to use proprietary code - I'd rather pay more to a manufacturer that doesn't pull this c**p.

Background - I've been using Ubuntu 12.04 and (more recently) Fedora 19. Every time I try to install drivers for either of my hp printers it seems I eventually need to click some s***t that says, bascically, 'yes install proprietary drivers on my machine'. I don't want that c***p on my machine. Is this my incompetence or is this how hp drivers work on linux?

Thanks muchly for tolerating my ignorance, bad attitude and poor French.

Actually, you most likely will not get a lot of things working with that attitude.

Proprietary Hardware often requires proprietary drivers, even when a generic works, it is usually not as good as proprietary drivers.

If you don't want the proprietary drivers, answer NO when asked and use the generic.

Are they asking you to PAY for the drivers?
arochester - thanks, looking into this.
Angry green man - actually I like my attitude, yours not so much. Asking me to pay for the drivers - not if you ignore the fact that I paid for the printer in the first place. Use the generic - yep, so where is that?
Pane-free: well, what would you think of someone who barged in when you plugged in a printer, stuffed around with your nice clean install for 10 or 15 minutes (making modifications without asking) and in the end refused to get the printer (which you've paid for) working unless you agreed to install proprietary code (that of course you can't modify if you don't like)? I'd call them a pain peddling malware. If this is the best 'open source' hp can do them maybe I should ask Richard Stallman what he uses for a printer these days. Oh, and last time that **** hplip messed with my fedora I had to re-install from scratch to undo whatever c**p it did just to get my system to boot again - not impressed.
It's how HP drivers work with Linux.
Everyone seems self-serving to one degree or another, RMS one of the least so, IMHO.
I worked for a contractor at HP and can say from experience that many of their engineers were paranoid control freaks when I was there. So, what would one expect from such a source?
Me? I prefer Epson or selected Canons. No All-in-Ones, however.
Hang in there!

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