NewPenguin seeking advice on a local dev server with Gecko.


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I hope a beginner question is ok on this forum branch.
As a Windows (sorry) user I was able to learn a bit of SQL by using "UniformServerZero" as a local dev server.
Very low level stuff in an attempt to convert from MS Access only DB to MS Access front with MySQL back.

That machine now dead so having to start again with a dual OS machine (currently Gecko on usb but waiting on second external drive arrival to put full Gecko on with Grub too and use either BCD or boot list options to choose OS.

Seeking a safe, light, low level dev server that uses MySQL if possible (some basic work saved) and have no knowledge of MariaDB.
Have read through this article ... LAMP
Content to give that a go but am concerned about my possible/inevitable mistakes during that process.
The UniformServerZero was more straightforward for me and am hoping there is a package available ?

Just tested myself ... downloaded UniformServer, installed, downloaded MS C++2019 and installed (rural copper), read quick start guide and fired up the Controller for server, added in a few saved files from old practice and opened basic page in browser ... all took 21 minutes. But rally want to learn with Linux !
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Chosen path:
Gecko, Python, Flask, Ninja, SQLite and work from there.
As I have made decisions based on reading the various "unbiased" pages I have no real way of judging if these are plausible for my scenario of learning and development of a small website.
Would have been interested to hear opinions from the more experienced penguins.
Anyway ... am considering this post closed.
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