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NFS server problem


New Member

I am trying to setup a nfs-server with Debian10 but i keep getting the error "fsid 0:52: expected fileid 0x66ad, got 0x38e7" on the client servers. And the mount point gets hung after an hour or 2. I also notice sometime when i create a file on client-server, other client-servers can see the file except the nfs-server. All the setting on the nfs-kernel-server file is default.

Here is my export file
/test xxx.xxx.x.x/23 (rw,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,async,fsid=0,insecure)

tmpfs /test tmpfs size=4096m

Please help
Thank you


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How did you setup your nfs server ? Did you follow any tutorial ? What did you do, step by step ?

You talk about clients. What are these clients ? How are they configured ?

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