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Mar 28, 2021
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I have this error when booting

at first there seem to be some disk issues, as the server at some immediate shutdowns due to power (wasnt on UPS as it was being racked at the time)
which appeared to cause some file system issues, after a fsck, i am now at this point.... no boot...

the disks are part f hardware raid, the raid is healthy btw
booting with linux rescue , find no valid linux installations


I ran into something similar the other day. In my case, this helped:

1- Boot into live CD.
2- make sure your local disk(s) is/are visible. (blkid, fidisk, lsblk)
3- activate your raid (dmraid -a)
3- scan you physical volumes (pvscan)
4- activate your vg (vgchange -a y <vg>)
5- mount/fsck your logical volumes

Try that first and then move to the recovery part
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when i try dmraid -a i get no block devices
however i can scan and activate and this is my output


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is all that when booting from live?
Please share the output of the blkid, df -h and mount commands once your volumes are activated.
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sorry for late reply , was away...
the good news is i can mount volume and see the data , but still a failing to boot system
my error message has graduated to after doing a fsck

Do you really want to recover the current installation?

If not, reinstall the system and mount your current home volume into the new /home directory.
i think this is cooked, is there a way to reinstlal linux over the top of the current installation
without overwriting the couple of directories i need.
There is, what are the directories you are interested? That info will help. Is it your /home directory only?
this machine has an oracle application installed
its called app and and the other app1