No Sound Modules After Kernel Update


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Jan 24, 2020
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Hello there, I updated the Linux kernel from 5.4.12 to 5.4.13, after the kernel update, the sound drivers stopped working, because they are no sound modules installed.

The operating system I'm on is Slackware 15(current).

Is there any way to solve this?

G'day @500C and welcome to :)

I am not a Slackware user (yet), but maybe @VP9KS or @captain-sensible will be along soon to help, maybe @Alexzee

By my mentioning them, I have alerted them.

Have you a Grub Menu, that you can use to choose eg Advanced Options, to try the older kernel, for now?

Good luck and I will watch with interest.

Chris Turner
hi @500C your not quite on 15 because ,stable 15 has not been released yet.

To confirm what your are using you can run this script

$ cat /etc/slackware-version
mine shows : Slackware 14.2+

now one problem with current is that one thing gets improved and may throw something else out.
In terms of fixing your issue there are two approaches:

1) read up on modprobe and all other tools to see if module for said sound hardware loaded etc etc In fact have you done that and you know either module is not there or not being loaded ?
when you say you updated the kernel what about everything else?

2) Since Patrick V seems to be on a roll and i see from change logs that kernel is now 5.4.14 maybe re-visit on doing an upgrade. The upgrade migth just fix your issue.

(I installed stable 14.2 and it couldn't see nor use my wifi card. I decided to go for current and that fixed it when i installed Sept release of current )

I installed "current" in Sept 2019 and upgraded about a week or so back; i went through my experience of doing an upgrade of system (including kernels) using slackpkg here:

have a look through that then to read original article by "Alien Bob" go to slackware docs:

read it to the letter to avoid problems

im on 64 bit obviously make sure you get software for your PC architecture

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