NTFS Consistency Check? Help


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Hi. I used 'ddrescue' to rescue a failing external HDD with NTFS partitions into an image disk.

Afterwards, I used 'photorec' to recover the files directly to another NTFS external HDD because the usual 'testdisk' utilities did not get me far, it was unable to access the file system.

Now, I can access this second HDD on my Linux Mint 20.1, but when I plug it on Windows 10 the system slows down to the point of not being able to run programs or use the file manager; I can only move the mouse, open CMD, simple stuff; the Windows machine is very weak. The HDD partitions do not appear on 'My Computer' folder.

I used the command 'sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/blabla /media/blabla' to mount it as read-write and I know that associated with 'ntfs-3g' there is utility 'ntfsfix' that, according to the man page, schedules a consistency check on first boot on Windows. I need to access it on Windows and this is my clue to the problem. Actually I ran 'ntfsfix' after noticing the strange behavior and stupidly before reading the man page.

Can this scheduled consistency check on Windows be bypassed? Are there other possible explanations to the problem that I should consider?

Thank you in advance.
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