On the server, how to install the virtual machine?


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Now I have one server, and thinking about doing a mysql cluster testing.
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to use two virtual machine server Settings.


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Welcome - moving this to General Server and deleting one titled in beijinghua?

Good luck

Chris Turner


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Which distro are you using?
Are you running a GUI interface?
What kind of VM do you want to run?
Gnome Boxes?

How much total RAM do you have?
You will have to subtract whatever you give the VMs from this.

How many CPU cores do you have? Does your
system support hyper-threading? (Most modern day systems
have two threads per core).
You will have to subtract whatever you give the VMs from this.

How much hard drive space do you have?
You will have to give some of this space to the VMs.

Are you planning on running a full VM? With a full operating system,
or are you planning on running an application container like
docker, vagrant or podman?

How many network interfaces does your system have?
Are you planning on using NAT, bridging, or something else?


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You can use OpenVZ. They have packages for all the biggest distros. The setup is fast. On their website, they have templates with different Linux distros.

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