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Dec 11, 2019
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Share games that aren't released yet that look like they could be fun to play.

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I used to game a bit. I loved Fallout II and pre-paid for Fallout Tactics. The game was so horrible that I never really gamed again.

Fallout II was a great game. I have kept an eye on the series but they have changed the whole thing. I never bothered to play them as I am not into FPS or that likes.

I should get a copy, the save game editor, and play through it again. It was a great game.
I mostly play FPS games now days, and sometimes and other types of games, like RPG/Adventure. I came across this game through my reddit feed, looks like it will be a fun game so I added it to my favorites.
If you get a chance, try Fallout II. I suspect it holds up well for the era in which it was made.
This game?
That's correct, or so it seems on my phone.

It's a heck of a game. I may have to ask you how to get it installed and play it again myself. There's infinite ways to play through the game. The save game editor is a good tool to explore all the possibilities, though it seems unlikely to work in Steam.
Looks like an interesting game but don't think I would actually play it for long but I will put it on my wishlist for now.
Crawl , like nethack is one of those games you can open up and play for 5 minutes any time you have a few minutes to waste.

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