Out of the frying pan into the Fire with LAN cards.


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No, it takes at least two NIC's to make a router
Yes you can turn a computer into a router but also you have to upgrade you NIC to have more than one RJ45 sockets otherwise it is just a server. A router has more than one RJ45 socket so that other devices can access the net. And you can get NIC's with 4 RJ45 sockets.
Just reading the Data sheet for the Realtek rtl8111B NIC and it says that it features the ability to create a bridged VLAN

read it here



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and Mint doesn't work.
But then neither do any other distro when it is loaded via the USB port. Those other distros still use the same hardware as though it is loaded on to the HD.
Windows settings you showed us,
There is one that I have not shown as it contains sensitive items security wise.


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I'll figure it out


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I was just messing about with Mint in regards to connecting to the net and had the System monitor up and running and for the network all it showed was a flat blue line near zero line.
At the time I was trying to connect to the net but the line remained flat and there was no red line showing up either. Have to convert the pic to a Jpeg.
Now when I look at Vindow's task manager I have a tab for watching the network and it shows both the LAN network and the Broadband network when it is up and running it shows the link speed and the graphs show the percentage of which at the moment is 100 Mbps and which as I type this at 1% for both. But as pic -2 shows it when I am running a YouTube vid. Task Manger -1
But what this is telling me that the mini-port that Vindows uses to connect to the net is actually a mini internal router.
I also gave Manjaro a run to see what it was like with the XFCE desktop. But even it could not connect either.

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This is the pic I had to convert



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Maybe @JulienCC or @dos2unix or @wizardfromoz will have some better ideas.
Don't look at me, White Man ... I struggle with this stuff. I am just reading and trying to absorb. :rolleyes:o_O



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Ah! Well on the morrow { 08-12-'19 } I pick up my now working Dragon ( HP Pavilion D6v laptop) will give Mint and Bodhi a run on it from a USB stick and see if they connect to the internet after I ascertain what NIC chip is installed.
And also after I see if I can set the router up using it instead of Goldie and before I connect to the internet.


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Well I picked up the Dragon or should I say the Golddragon and it still has a Realtek NIC but I loaded Mint off a USB stick and it located 3 or 4 WiFi routers in the vicinity I was getting on one a signal of about 40%.
Also I had no problems running Winbox But run into a couple of obstacles but it just means I need more info.
Like what is CAPSMAN as I tried to change the SSID and it said I can't because it is managed by Capsman.
I also have to talk to my ISP and get a some Info relating to my connection.
Golddragon is staying offline till I sort the router out and it becomes the gateway to my network.
I also noticed that on this variation of Mint 19.2 it has GParted already installed on it.


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@atanere thank you for the link, downloaded. To-day I have been running only on three cylinders not four.

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