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Feb 27, 2018
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Hello everybody Could pls somebody help me bcz I cant find solution on line. So I have set up nextcloud in a Raspberry pi which running Raspberian as OS.

Installation went well so I am able to see nextcloud initial page under https://MY_IP/nextcloud. BUT I have attached two external hdd that I joined them with RAID 1. /dev/md0 and I have add it in fstab.

So far so good. Once I try to set up nextcloud under storage and database box I am changing the path to /dev/md0 and I get an error. I tried also /mnt/dev/md0 but again no results.

I have change the ownership of /dev/md0 to www:data and permition to 0750. Could somebody tell me what path I have to type in this box in order to use my external disks as storage?

Thanks in advance.

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