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Package Names


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Gentlemen question.

How can I know, what I have to type during installation of a package?


Let's say I want to download & install Konsole terminal emulator in Arch linux.

I have to type:
pacman -S [package_name]
what is this "package_name" and how can I find it out?
I mean is there any page like Archwiki or something similar?



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That find of @arochester 's, as one might expect, is a good 'un. :)

With 107 pages, it looks daunting, but the Search facility is good. If you liked eg, Xfce Terminal and searched under that, you find it is xfce4-terminal, which you would not guess otherwise. MATE Terminal is mate-terminal, Gnome's is gnome-terminal, &c. These package names are mostly standardised across the Families and Distros.

There are some exceptions. xinput, a command for displaying and enabling/disabling peripheral devices, is packaged as xinput under most Distros, but under Arch you will find it as xorg-xinput.



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