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Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life! :)

While checking my feed, I bumped into an article talking about pacstall, which as stated in their github's repo
The AUR Ubuntu never had
Pacstall will attempt to become the AUR Ubuntu wishes it had. It takes the AUR and puts a spin on it, making it easier to install programs without scouring github repos and the likes.
In pacstall's website you can read
How does it work then?
Pacstall takes in files known as pacscripts that contains the necessary contents to build packages, and builds them into executables on your system.
Unlike Arch's AUR, where you can just download the pkgbuild and DIY, it seems you have to install it, then use it to install, remove and search pkgs with it, and according to the article I read(in Spanish, that's why I'm not linking it here)there aren't that many just yet, though it does mention it's only 1 year old. Time will tell, but this kind of projects seem good IMHO. :)

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