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Mar 16, 2021
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I am in a hybrid environment, windows\Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS(RIP), Amazon Linux2), and several versions of both.
When I sign in (all our linux is command line only) I see a OS version, and a reference to updates needed x security out of y total.
If I hit "sudo yum update"
1) How do I know what specific linux version it will update to?
2) Will it only do the security, or will it patch for the total number?
3) Before I patch, can I see the list of what it wants to update?
a) Is the commandline different for the different distro's above?

I am asking as we have servers with some REALLY temperamental software and basic updates have blown it up before and found that x item hitting y version case ____ to happen, so the goal here is to look it up preemptively and have some potential issues outlined and ready to rock as soon as the reboot it done, sure there will be margin for error, but this can negate some.

Plan on snapshotting first, then processing the updates. Thanks for the link.

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