Pc dies on battery power even at 100%


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Hi All,

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with a new extended battery running Ubuntu 20.04. As of writing this post I realised this may not be a Linux related issue as it dies on boot as well.

The laptop runs fine and performs well while plugged in. I have the old battery and a new battery, and when on battery the pc dies randomly. I've noticed its normally under any form of load, ie, opening firefox or emails.

Things I've tried:

Letting laptop idle down to 2% battery then charging back to 100% a few times to calibrate battery (yes it does last the length of the battery when simply idling on desktop)
Changing critical battery action from shutdown to nothing.
Changing hard drives, also changing to ssd
Trying the old battery (gives the same issue but may be because its dead entirely, its 4 yrs old)
Unplugging all peripherals
Run on internal graphics only (disabled nvidia card)

The charger is working, have confirmed that on other laptops.

The fact it can idle to 2% battery tells me the issue is not the battery. Also the battery is outputting a solid 12v or more, labelled at 11.1v on the back of the laptop, telling me its fairly healthy. As i said before also, it sometimes dies before it gets to the OS. I think thats ruling out an OS issue too.

Anyone had trouble like this before?
Please let me know,


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