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Hi all

Actually I'll put in an Aussie plug for them, as I run 3 of them on two machines.

NLUUG deserve kudos for their Netherlands server - quite often I don't have to change mirrors from theirs to an Aussie one because it simply pumps out the downloads at a very comparable speed for my capability. :D


I actually tried PCLinux back in 2005 or 6. I had a friend that was a Linux user that talked me into trying Linux and PCLinux was the version he was using. I built a brand new box just for the Linux. It was fairly polished back then, but not like today's distro/distros. I just didn't have the time to spend on the learning curve back then.
I've been using it since the beginning and only went back to Mageia when I had some hardware incompatibility that needed newer drivers.

PCLinuxOS is far easier to install and use than most distros, but isn't dumbed down like Ubuntu and Mint.

I only use PCLinuxOS and Puppy Linux on all my personal and work computers, along with Windows 10.

I am active on the PCLOS forum and post there when I need answers or can help out a user.


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