Please help me to use WiFi network on Kubuntu I've just installed



For some purposes I needed to install Linux and as I heard about Kubuntu (the latest one, I think 12.04), so I installed this distribution. The interface is very comfortable but the only Internet network I can connect to is WIRELESS! But Smth is wrong. It does not find any network. I have Broadcom adapter BCM 43xx. The network I'm using on Windows is not mine and belongs to government, it's open and called "fgz", when you try to open any link then, they ask to confirm some statements and that's all.

Please note that I'm not able to download smth using terminal, so I need smth that can be installed or configured only using only files I will have on hard drive on linux machine. Because I've found some installation package, but it tries to download something and, of course, fails.)
Of course I can download something on my flashdrive on Windows and then copy it to Linux, that's how I HOPE to be able to manage this problem. Thank you!!!!



I assume when you say `smth', you mean `something', and not some relevant info. (Please use proper English; it confuses people if you don't.)

Note: Kubuntu is Ubuntu, but with KDE as the native UI.
Googleing around I found:
I would follow the directions given on that page.
And if you're absolutely sure you can't get a wired internet connection, I would search (and download) each package that you have to install with:
(You are 12.04, Precise.)

Moreover, I found the same thing, but with the predecessor (11.10):

Also, if you're not in the United States and the wifi is using a channel higher than 11, there is a bug preventing connection to channels > 11:
The link features a workaround.
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