PoP!_os may have gotten a bit unstable...


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Sep 23, 2021
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Not really sure what's going on, the last few patches have made things a bit janky. On boot, everything is okay. After it starts to increase memory consumption. It goes from 12% (on boot) to up to 22% (of 16GB) as time passes. There is nothing out of the ordinary in the task manager, the OS itself just progressively starts claiming more memory as time goes on.

The next thing that happens is that anything that requires hardware acceleration will begin to suffer from microstutters if I try to move the window or go full screen. A typical example is YouTube videos. Moving the browser or going full screen will cause microstutters for a few seconds before stabilizing. Same is with any game I launch whether its natively supported or not.

But most notable thing I've experienced was with my network adapter. After about a week of system uptime, my internet just randomly cuts out. Modem restart doesn't help, neither does unplugging the cable. I cannot even go into localhost to configure the modem. Only a full PC restart will re-establish internet connection.

The timeframe we are talking about is one week or more. And I always restart after a major update. Before it wasn't like that. I could run the pc on for several months at a time, access it remotely, no problem. Everything is vanilla except the appearance. The only kernel tweak I have is "gamemode". And as a far as I know, those tweaks engage only when prompted and revert to the default setting.

A restart fixes everything, but stability starts to degrade with time all over again. Was some there change in the patch notes that I missed? Was there a configuration I should have done but I didn't?
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