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an this is a shot of my test rig..MINT LMDE4 +XFCE
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The Mint team have finally made Cinnamon NOT to add a shadow when you maximize a window and the panel is 100% transparent! That shadow was very annoying for me and for a few years I used a fully colored theme. Finally, now I can return to my original idea for a 100% transparent panel - the same way I had it in Windows 7 when I had Win7 as my default OS.

Screenshot at 2021-06-23 09-15-18.png
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I am using using gnome 40.2.
I was thinking you were probably were, since I saw "gnome-shell" in your conky process list.
A Windows 11 wallpaper steal!

(I actually stole that one myself for a Windows 10 VM, so I better not point fingers here)

Someone posted these wallpapers on r/widescreenwallpapers and I couldn't resist.
My granddaughter would love that wall paper
My current new setup using Wayland with Sway. :cool:


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One from my desktop wallpaper on newly installed Linux Mint 20.2 'Uma' Cinnamon.

OK, a little patriotic but I like it.


Standing Stones, Glen Innes Highland Country, NSW, Australia.png


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    Standing Stones, Glen Innes Highland Country, NSW Australia.png
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This is my OpenSUSE Tumbleweed desktop, running KDE Plasma 5.
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed - KDE Plasma Desktop.png

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