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After the recent events around Red Hat, I decided it was time to move to real community distribution as in Fedora is basically owned by Red Hat even though they don't have control over the decision making they still have influence on Fedora. That was why I moved to EndeavourOS, today I thought I might as well go back to Arch.
I used to suggest Debian for the community and the stability, but I haven't seen Debian 12 yet, maybe next year, so good luck with Arch

Nordic Mint........
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I have not changed any of the Desktop GFX or GNOME Extensions, or any of the Themes since my last post, and thus here is a screenshot rather than a screencast of my desktop.

Gentoo running with a hand-configured Linux Kernel, and GNOME 44.

Screenshot from 2023-07-22 17-57-57.png
Can't seem to find an option to set individual backgrounds for monitors in Mint so you'll have to stare at this lovely lady 4 times.
Screenshot from 2023-07-23 03-36-04.png
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Just a change of wallpaper, been playing Night in the Woods and really enjoying it.

Edit: Updated the screenshot, I like this wallpaper better.

Screenshot from 2023-07-28 16-37-00.png
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- Debian 12.1 Bookworm (Xfce4)
  • Linux-6.1.0.x
  • Fujitsu LifeBook E736
  • CPU: Intel i5-6300u SkyLake 6th Gen (undervolted)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • SSD1: Crucial MX500 250GB (Debian OS)
  • SSD2: 840 EVO 250GB (TrueCrypt (v3.3) encrypts)
  • WiFi AC8260: WPA3-SAE/ EAP-TLS-Suite-B-192
- Intel CPU/GPU Software Cooling (Experimental) Fix Intel CPU Throttling on Linux (Experimental)
The term "FIX" refers to experimental Python scripts designed for addressing "Intel CPU Throttling" issues and is intended solely for experimental purposes. They have been tested only with SkyLake, CometLake, and GeminiLake CPUs.
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Here's my latest "project"; a seriously updated/customised take on one of my early favourite Pups, from nearly a decade ago:- Tahrpup64...


Yes, I know some of you will be horrified at the idea of using a 10-yr old distro..! However, this is a good demo of just how 'modular' Puppy is, and just what it's possible to do with it.....

The kernel has been swapped from Tahr's OOTB k3.14.57 for a late 5-series.....necessary to get audio out of this HP Pavilion desktop rig, 'cos at the time the 3-series was built, the chipset didn't yet exist.

Glibc is running @ 2.31........up from Tahr's original 2.19, and borrowed from Fossapup. Dbus/certs/libstdc++/various other stuff has been seriously upgraded/updated. Ffmpeg is one of John van Sickle's fabulous statically-compiled versions; you just drop these in, and they run on their own, with no need of all the usual dependencies. And this then makes a ton of other multimedia stuff just 'work'.

Browsers.....all 'portables'.....are bang up-to-date, with built-in updater scripts, as is everything else internet-facing. In fact, this is running virtually nothing BUT 'portables', multimedia apps, office suites, you name it, I've re-built it into a portable version. My first install of Tahr64 was a bit of a mess, if I'm truth, I didn't make a very good job of it. Nearly a decade on, I've got the benefit of hind-sight, knowing what I'm doing, and 10 yrs-worth of Puppy packaging & system innovations to lean on!

And my linked-in, AppImage-based external 'portable' WINE package allows access to a few old, favourite, well-worn Windows apps, for which I've never really found substitutes.


As for the rest; very much my usual style. The infocenter to the right, with gKrellM and Puppy's native Conky-based pWidgets. Various GIF-based launcher icons here & there, and the entire desktop layout built from scratch, utilisng a favourite background long ago found online. Along with my wee puppy, endlessly romping across the desktop....

Not everybody's cup of tea, but I like it..! :p

This thing is running SO well, I've been using it continuously for the last month or more. And that's using FirefoxESR, which is a huge compliment from me, 'cos I normally prefer the Chromium-based clones. Goes to show just how stable FF has become.....and even more so than usual on here.

Mike. ;)
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Nice work Mike Looks great! :)

NOTE: Yeahhhhh "figure out how to get obs-studio-browser to work" note has been there forever lol. I used to have it working; but since my last system wipe & reinstall, I've had issues getting ffmpeg-obs to install, thus dependency issues I'm unwilling to troubleshoot at this time.

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