Post a screenshot of your Desktop


You must love cars.

Hey Tom @poorguy that first one with Tux is worth copying to ... as well, SO funny :p

@phoenixbyrd welcome to and thanks for sharing :cool:

Places to meet people include


We also have a new Section for having a chin wag/gasbag

Enjoy your Linux, every one

Chris Turner

still trying to figure out Conky manager....
:cool: Wow, how cool is that ?

Nice one Tobey.

still trying to figure out Conky manager....

Start a Thread if you need help - here in Desktop/X is as good as anywhere.

messing around with pi-hole at the moment lol! also that picture has been editing over and over again its a newer Legend of Zelda photo.
So cool, the green is quite striking :)

not actually on my desktop some cleaning up to do first......but soon...!!

I keep coming back to this desktop that I made. I've added a conky line at the bottom to keep track of the box and to put the mint logo on any background it use.
Screenshot at 2019-07-28 21-32-40.png
I LOVE it! The wallpaper's fine, Conky is good, but that is an impressive lineup of icons, bonewits. :cool:

Grouped, eg Internet and Browsers, not just Chrome but Chromium too as well as others. Multisystem by the looks of it, and nice with the Timeshift.

Wow, keep it up.

(Must be something about the Wizard's hats)

Chris Turner
Thank you. I use most of them daily. Still not decided which browsers to get rid of. The editors get a lot of use. Most everything is there because I cannot remember what I have when I need them. When you are a codger like me, you have trouble like that :D

Just a stock Dell Inspiron 15-3567. Mint 19.1 with Mate. I'm surprised you recognized Conky!
Here is what I'm using this week. For me it is like a giant step into the last century when I work with it. I remember thinking then that It'd be a good wallpaper :)screenshot.png