Post screenshots of the games you play on GNU/Linux


Playing with dolls...

Diablo 4.
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I miss Perfect World International.

Last year tried to install it but wanted 45GB. With the connection I have it was going to take days to download that! Also I wanted to use my new computer for it but it had less than 20GB available. :(
Why are you playing WoW in a Windows vm, it runs just fine using Lutris?
This VM exisits, because there was a game that doesn't work with linux, so I created the VM. But then other games wouldn't launch, because its a VM...
3 hours ago I started a poll on mastodon, with my struggle. well, I'll keep that vm there, I just removed the backlist in grub and rebooted. If I want to start the VM again, I'll just change the bootparameter and the setting in BIOS
If anyone what's to GPU Passtrough, I created an Article for it on my wiki
Here's a picture I'm pretty happy with, it's Ghost Recon Wildlands with the First Person Mod running under Linux:


This was taken on my old PC, but I still think it's pretty cool.
I just reverted to gaming on Linux instead a Windows VM. The new Proton made it finally possible to play Elderscrolls Online

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[flip@flop ~]$ cw
[C WORDLE FOR TERMINAL by v3l0r3k]             
    │ E ││ E ││ R ││ I ││ E │                  
    │ B ││ E ││ A ││ R ││ S │                  
    │ M ││ E ││ R ││ R ││ Y │                  
    │ M ││ E ││ T ││ R ││ O │                  
    │   ││   ││   ││   ││   │                  
    │   ││   ││   ││   ││   │                  
C-Wordle. Coded by v3l0r3k 2022                
[flip@flop ~]$

To make it clearer, the game is to guess the 5 letter word. The player provides a word and the game replies with which letter is in the correct position in that word and, if there is another letter which is part of the spelling but in the wrong position, it marks that too. In the game these notifications are in colour which is not reproduced here above, so here below is the run of words with ^ pointing to a letter in the correct position, - to indicate a letter in the wrong position, and . to indicate a letter not in the word.

e e r i e
. ^ - . .
b e a r s
. ^ . ^ .
m e r r y
^ ^ . ^ .
m e t r o
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The game is in github.
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I'm not a 'gamer'. I don't play with owt like that often enough to be ABLE to take screenies. But, just occasionally, if I have a 'bored' half-hour to kill, and I'm at a loose end, I sometimes waste a bit of time with one of these:-

RedEclipse .....and perhaps the grand-daddy of the native Linux FPS titles,

.....and, even more rarely, perhaps Return to Castle Wolfenstein or good old Half-Life2.

Links are all I can do, guys. In the case of the Linux native-ports - the first 5 - I've turned every one of these into a self-contained 'portable' version, ideal for the way Puppy works...

Mike. ;)
Star Citizen:


Elder Scrolls Online:


Battlefield 1:

GTA V just runs fine (Story Mode and Online)
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