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Lately I'm getting logged out of the forum when I try to send a post and always have to login again and redo the post.

It happens on every computer I use regardless of Linux or Windows.

Does anyone else experiencing this.

It's really become a big PITA.



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Are you using some type of security plugin in your browser? Or a common security (say av or edr) solution on all those PCs?

It sounds like it might be wiping out your session data.


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I'm moving this to Forum Assistance, in the hope that it draws @Rob 's attention.

Hang onto your hats.



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Do you close your browser when you're done or leave your PC on with the browser open?

If you do, are you sure you didn't accidently enable a setting to history data on close or specifically for this site?

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Pretty much everything is default OOTB.
I don't change many settings on anything.

I close my browser when I leave my computer.
I manually clear my browser history and cache.
Nothing is automatically done on my computers.


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Only using uBlockOrigin and Privacy badger.
uBlock is certainly a great privacy tool and a great security one, too. IDK how much you need Privacy Badger though. Anyway...

I suggest you uninstall uBlock and Privacy Badger and replace them with NoScript. It has come a long way and is a great tool. It does not have the granular control of uBlock, but that's a good thing since it is easy to make the odd derp on uBlock due to the UI. I've accidentally clicked a wrong setting while trying to click another a few times. Also worth noting is uBlock's development has been somewhat erratic and for a while years ago was frozen long enough to make it obsolete (why I changed).
I'm not sure it is uBlock kicking you out, however. Not unless there's a few settings mangled.

I've never used Privacy Badger, but when it launched and they were punting it out, that gave me a fair idea. The biggest problem is that it's too simple. I would tentatively say that PB may be detecting some of the forum software as trackers since the forum is actually riddled with adds (I had no idea until actually visiting with my second user that only has vanilla settings and no browser addons). My guess is PB is killing persistent data associated with, too.

So, I suggest maybe save/export your data that you wanna keep (sessions, bookmarks, passwords, etc.) and then uninstall FF, purge the relevant folders (the entire $HOME/.mozilla can be killed if you only use FF and no other Mozilla stuffs). Then fresh install and start with NoScript. It still protects against cross-site tracking/scripting, js, persistent trackers and such. The only disadvantage is lack of granular control over specific elements (i.e. you block things by domain only). With NoScript, in Private Browsing, and with necessary settings, you'll find that most of your online identity is secured. If ya need a little extra, then add a per-launch randomly generated --height and --width value to your FF launcher (and don't maximize on everyday sites) use dedicated browsers for each function/area of your internet (TorBB for xhamster, naturally), and, if you're really paranoid, create a/some fake user(s) to run your browsers as. Of course if you have a static IP, you'll need a VPN. Luckily mine is dynamic so rebooting the router gives me a fresh start. And if you really hate YT tracking you, use youtube-dl and MPV to watch videos off-site.

Hope that smoothes your experience over. I can't see any other cause since this forum's software is quite widely used (at least I've seen many sites use it).
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