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Yes, out of all of the off-topic things I could talk about, I decided to talk about Power Rangers :p Being that the show has been around for almost 28 years, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not only one on here who grew up watching as a child.

I was recently working on a fan-fiction reboot to Turbo (where Divatox would be far more bad ass, among other things), and a few minutes ago, I realized something many people tend to overlook about the show. If the villains are all about world domination, why do they always send off one monster at a time and to the same town, instead of sending off thousands all over the planet? Yes, the show is formulaic and tame (all because its a kid show :p), but that also severely under-powers the villains, and reduces them to something of Saturday morning cartoon villains (which Rita was known for being), the more I think about it.

Even though PR has had a lot of good things going for it (*cough* except for Turbo, Ninja Storm, Operation Overdrive, and the Neo-Saban era *cough*), and has earned its devoted fan-base, it's in some ways sad it never was reminiscent of something like the Halo games, which follows a similar story but was told more "realistically" (for lack of a better term). Because there's the argument that it's nothing more than a 22 minute toy commercial, too bad the franchise wasn't made after Halo came out, because it also has its toyline and didn't sacrifice the story just to sell it.

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