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Preparing drive for nodes


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Mar 23, 2022
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Hey, I got 2 drives, 1st is SSD nvme with ubuntu installed, 2nd is clear allocated for nodes, crypto nodes. So, usually server is some separate machine that's running 24/7 and controlled remotely. Every guide that I found is just u preparing some OS there and installing what u need. But what if I want to install it on drive, that's not containing OS ? Like is it bad at all, in terms of speed or smth else ? I dont need much speed though for what I need, 2nd drive is 500mbs WD Gold it will be enough. Is it (better / required) to install 2nd OS there and run nodes from 1st one (since I will sit on my 1st OS) ? And if it will be just a drive, which partitions do I need to just run node programms? It can't be that simple to just install it on empty ext4 drive, right ? xD
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