Solved primary linux drive stopped showing up in boot menu

Solved issue
i can't boot back into my main drive to update grub. i tried loading up an arch iso and using chroot to update grub but that did nothing and rebooting just boots me back into windows.
Good morning, this is not an uncommon problem, when you install Windows after Linux, it will always overwrite the boot, I usually fix this by using a Linux boot repair disc. The other thing windows will do is automatically re-set windows quick-start [fast-boot] and windows secure boot, these will both need to be disabled again and the machine given a full power off re-boot, as Windows updates itself, expect the same thing to happen, as many Windows updates will try to re-establish Quick-start and secure boot.
This has been an ongoing problem for Due booters since Win 8.2. The net is littered with questions around "windows broke my linux."

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