Printer only prints a white page


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Mar 31, 2021
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I installed arch linux a few weeks ago, and i didnt have any trouble with it. But a few days ago i getting a printer (Brother DCP-1602) and it works fine. But in the moment of connect it to the PC i cant print anything. Neither from the terminal nor libreoffice. Before that i didnt have the drivers, but after install them and CUPS and lpr and all that stuff, i can send some info to the printer and it receives it (i can see the "Recibiendo datos" message) but when i pulse "Inicio", it only prints a white page. Anything that i do from the PC ends in the same result (when i print or copy from the printer itself, it works fine). I have done almost all that the ArchWiki says about CUPS.
I dont know if i need to insert some kind of log in this. I can edit this with the logs if somebody needs them.

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