Problem using the hdmi cable to connect my kali linux laptop with penasonic tv !.


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Dec 8, 2019
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By the way i am using KALI GNU/Linux Rolling. I have a problem which is i could only connect my linux laptop to my penasonic tv via hdmi cable about 30 minutes only. At first i thought there was a loose cable or something but after a thorough check that was not the problem

Laptop : Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
: 5.3Gib
:AMD® A6-1450 apu with radeon(tm) hd graphics × 4
: Gnome

TV : Penasonic 62 inch

Cable : Hdmi to Hdmi cabl


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I have had the same problem a number of times.
Sometimes switching the HDMI cable fixes it. (even though the old cable works on other devices)
I have also had to switch to using a display-port cable sometimes.
I'm not sure if all HDMI cables meet a certain tolerance/standard.
Are you sure the HDMI cable isn't directional? What is the length of the cable?

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