Problem with phpmyadmin (Not Found reported): Ubuntu Server


Bruce Whealton

I hope someone can help me figure out some things. I was taking an online course on We setup VirtualBox on our host OS, for me that is Windows. We then installed Ubuntu Server 12.04. I was able to load the page that says It works - the apache module, that is. I tried twice to install phpmyadmin and each time, I was unable to get to the page. I get an error saying the page at localhost forward slash phpmyadmin cannot be found.

The instructor didn't indicate where one must be in the file system when you use apt-get (with sudo) to install phpmyadmin. Indeed, I am not sure where the web root is. It seemed like Linux has defaults for where it will install certain things. In the training, it was never the case that we indicated where we wanted to download files, or install applications. So, how would I find the web root?

Next, newbie question... I read that Ubuntu Server does not come with the desktop. However, one can install a desktop with the command
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.
So, would this include everything that comes with the Desktop version of Ubuntu? Can one install the desktop version of Ubuntu and then similarly install Ubuntu Server? Do they work together just fine?

The other question is about distributions. It is helpful to learn Ubuntu Server for improving my skills as an Web Server administrator. The thing is, though, that my hosting provider uses CentOS. Does that install just as easily as Ubuntu on my VirtualBox? And for installing packages, do I substitute yum for where I had used apt-get? I do plan to install Ubuntu on a second computer in my local network. I wouldn't need VirtualBox in that case... unless, I want to run CentOS on the same system. It probably isn't going to be feasible or effective to have to boot into one or the other. So, would my best bet be, on the second system, install Ubuntu and VirtualBox and install CentOS into the VirtualBox environment? Or is there another option?




I get an error saying the page at localhost forward slash phpmyadmin cannot be found.
Did you read /usr/share/doc/phpmyadmin/README.Debian?
sudo a2enmod php5
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