Problems with Endian Firewall


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Jul 26, 2022
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Hi everybody, first of all I'm sorry if my english shouldn't be good. btw, I'm new with endian fw and i'm having some issues.
i successfully installed endian on vmware ESXI, and i configured it.
I have the configuration of a working firewall and i'm trying to replicate it.

the schematic of the network is the following:

ROUTER private ip
FIREWALL red zone ip: - red zone gateway: - green zone ip:
LAN 192.168.0.x
PC I'm using IP - MASK - GW

I don't care about having a dmz or a guests connection, so i ignored orange and blue interfaces.
In the network where there's the working firewall, if I set the fw green interface ip as pc's gateway, i navigate on internet without problems. If I do the same in my network (setting as pc gateway) it doen't work.
I noticed that the ping from the firewall to the red zone gateway (in my case doesn't work. I suppose that's why I cant't navigate.

What am i doing wrong? Do I need to set any specific rule?

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