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Problems with installing Mint 19 Tara

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I have only installed Mint 19 once, on a 2015 Asus i5 laptop that a friend have given me because it had charging problems. I fixed the charging problem, and erased Windows 7 prior to installing Mint, and then installed without an internet connection. It was a great little laptop and Mint 19 ran perfectly on it. I gave it to my oldest daughter to familiarize herself with Linux, along with my grandkids.

Now THAT'S a feel-good story if ever I heard one. Nice one, Bayou :)


After installing Linux Mint Tara in VM, I am unable to update. All mirrors are unreachable but I can open Firefox and ping security.ubuntu.com.
But still I get the same error "W: Some index files failed to download" and "Could not connect to security.ubuntu.com:80 ( Connection Refused"... very weird :(
Hi Ethan, and welcome! WIth a fresh install (VM or bare metal) it is definitely unusual for an update to fail. Just for fun, please give it a go from the terminal, as shown below: (CTRL-ALT-T is a good shortcut to open the terminal)
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Let us know if it works, or if you get the same error, or if you get a different error. Thanks!


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