Problems with Realtek USB Adaptor


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Oct 9, 2019
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Hi, I am having problems with getting my Linux Mint Desktop to recognise my new Realtek USB Wifi adaptor. I have already posted a cry for help on the Linux Mint Forum here.

If you can help me get this USB adaptor working I would be very grateful. Thanks.

G'day Ivor, and Welcome to

The model number/name etc of the wifi adaptor would be a good start
G'day Ivor, and Welcome to

The model number/name etc of the wifi adaptor would be a good start

Hey Condobloke, there is no brand or model number. It is really just a generic wireless USB adaptor (picture of the box attached)

G'day Ivor, and Welcome to (snap, another Aussie here) :)

Have you checked this at your Linux Mint Forum spot

If so, what was the outcome?

We do not usually try to answer questions that are being posted at more than one site concurrently, it is just too confusing.


Chris Turner
Thanks for the response Wizard(Not an Aussie I'm afraid, I'm actually a New Zealander!)

Yes, I appreciate that it's not a good idea to put multiple posts across different forums for the same problem. This was why I put the link to the Linux Mint forum in the hope that anyone who can help would go there and respond. It was really just my sad attempt to get my cry for help heard by more people.

I did find the link you sent through earlier. It made no sense to me at the time I found it but am currently working my way through it piece by piece at the moment. The problem with this particular solution is that it is referring to a Github link for the necessary install/driver files, whereas I already have the right files on the CD and don't really need to go through to GitHub.

I will post updates to the original forum and close this one.

Thanks for your help.
Understood and that's OK, Ivor (and we really don't discriminate against Kiwis :) , there are likely as many here as there are Aussies, we're just noisier/nosier).

We don't usually close Threads here without good reason, so keep us posted - if you get the answer/s at, or find one yourself, share with us and we can share the knowledge :).

Good luck


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