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Feb 23, 2021
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Hello everyone.

I have proftpd running on my server as ftp server.
and the connection also works fine including the lock in the home directory, so that the users cannot go to eg: /etc or /var etc etc etc etc.
but now I would like the account user1 also to see a folder called music in which music is stored.
this folder is dirty on the server: /hdd/data/music/
user1 I want this folder to have both read and write permissions.
for user2 I want him to also have the folder music but can only download from this folder.
and user3 cannot access this folder at all.
one question is this possible with proftpd and if so how?
I couldn't find it on google, hence the question.
Any links to a howto is also fine.

thanks in advance: greetings: peter

before i forget my linux version is debian 9 64 bit
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