Jul 5, 2023
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FL Studio 21 can be run through the Steam application for games, using "GE Proton 8-4"
All you have to do is add the exe with the "add game" button, on the layout I use it was located on the bottom left portion of the Library on Steam.

I haven't tried to do anything crazy with it yet, but it seems to run about as good as when I was using windows.

I'm using Linux Mint, and I'm sure there is another way to run FL Studio, but this was the easiest way for me.

Does anyone else know an easier way to allow FL Studio to run in Linux?
I'm aware of Bottles/Wine, and I had skill issues with getting it to run that way.
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Welcome to the forums.

In Linux there is no other way without Wine, or without Crossover (the commercial version of Wine).

It would be something if Windows VST3 plug-ins could be used because there's no freeware program that I could find that could do it. Kushview Element was a miserable failure all the way through for me. The programs I use regularly don't support VST3 and even less would they support those that have copy protection.

VST3 is supported on Linux (by Ardour, and through Carla by LMMS, and there's also that "yabridge" thing) but they have to be Linux executable format, not Windows.

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