'Puppy' turns 20 this year....


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Aug 29, 2022
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Morning, gang.

(Wiz et al:- Guys, if ya think this needs moving feel free to do so. I wasn't at all sure where to put it, TBH....)

Believe it or not, 'Puppy' Linux will celebrate its 20th birthday later this year. We're not sure yet quite what form it will take, but we want to try & do something a little bit special to commemorate this achievement. I don't think any of the original crew, most of all Barry himself, ever thought our wee canine would still be alive & kicking all these years later!

Early Puppy time-line....

Version 0.1 was released on June 18, 2003.....

Just wanted to let y'all know. Happy 20th, 'Puppy'..!

Mike. :D
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Just one more year and Puppy will be old enough to drink! ... Jokes aside, that is a huge accomplishment.
Believe it or not, but Puppy was my first Linux distro. Sometimes around 12 years ago I successfully tried to run it from a USB stick in a frugal mode with persistence and my adventure with Linux had started. At the time I wasn't brave enough to wipe Windows from my hard drive or mess with dual boot. If it wasn't for Puppy I would have started my Linux journey, at least, a couple of years later. Puppy is a truly unique distribution and one of the most important ones ever.
Just one more year and Puppy will be old enough to drink! .
In most countries it has been for a while!
Believe it or not, 'Puppy' Linux will celebrate its 20th birthday later this year
Not many puppies grow up and live that long, must be too many people feeding it;)
Though I am not currently using Puppy. I have fond memories of using it. Speed is and portability were pleasurable experiences when using it,

Great as a rescue system when fixing a Windows system. Was my daily driver for many years. Using Devuan XFCE these days but Puppy holds a special place in my memories. Happy Birthday Puppy.

Finally good community where I met great people like Mike and many others.
Slackware is still ten years older but anyway...

Puppy Linux has lived longer than a lot of real-life dogs.

<-- could never get around to some things like Rox file manager. Although I made a treaty with it on easyOS, LOL. It is great for quickly getting into the computer to see all the partitions and decide what to do with one of them. These days I use Porteus for that because that gives me a "famous" D.E. and I'm pampered about that. But the Dec-2022 release of Puppy based on Slackware has a pretty good-looking GUI. (love)
Happy Birthcay Puppy! Great concept :)
I started with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr". Kept that for around 8 months or so, while distro-hopping & trying a few others (as you do). I'd already looked at Puppy a couple of times, without much success.....the frugal concept took a bit of getting used to!

Then, in the November of 2014, Canonical made my mind up FOR me. Their 'custom' kernel dropped support for the very elderly ATI graphics chip in my desktop rig, and multiple daily crashes became the order of the day. Overnight, Ubuntu - with Unity's hardware acceleration requirements - became all but unusable.

Most of my other trial distros, being 'buntu-based, suffered the same kernel graphics driver issue... (sigh)

No matter. Although I'd tried a few other lightweight distros, I hadn't seen anything that really appealed to me. Despite limited success with Puppy, I still liked the concept. Then sudodus, one of the mods over at the Ubuntu Forums, suggested I take a look at the then newly-released community build of Tahrpup 6.0 CE. This was the very first Puppy that was totally community-built, using the relatively new Woof-CE build-system, after Barry had stepped-down as 'benevolent dictator' to concentrate on his own projects. So I did, annnd.....it was the first Puppy that worked 100%, OOTB, on both the Compaq rig AND the anciente Dell Inspiron lappie.

That was it. Bye-bye, mainstream! I've been there ever since.....


It takes a special kind of 'nutter' to really get into the Puppy ecosphere, the way that I've done.....but with

  • The fact of the 'frugal' Puppy being able to run from uniquely-named sub-directories within the same partition, and
  • The infrastructure of 'portable' applications that I - along with the valuable assistance of several other Puppy community members - have developed

.....Puppy just 'works' for me. And works really well.

"Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks..." But that's the great thing about Linux; with a bit of patience - and searching - there's a distro out there for everyone. (And if you don't like ANY of the available offerings, you can always step up to the next level.....and build your own).

Can't do that with either Windows OR MacOS.


@wendy-lebaron :- Yup, ROX does take some getting used to. But once it's been mastered, many of us in the community wouldn't even consider anything else. It's the closest in concept, actually, to the original drag'n'drop system pioneered by Windows, and honed to perfection in Win XP & 7. And that was one of the very few things I really liked about XP...

Mike. ;)
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