Q4OS 3.15 Release Based on Debian 10.10


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Q4OS Trinity is a lightweight Linux distro based on Debian. I just try this version myself on a VM. It is too early to give my personal review, but here's the news, download links, early review.
Tour of Q4OS Trinity (but this is for the older version)
Verify the ISO
Make sure to verify the ISO after downloading. This is the MD5 file link.

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Q4OS is a very nice, lightweight distro. This is a fix-point release, so people already using Centaurus(Q4OS 3)just need to do a regular update. Q4OS, has easy to use(double-click)installers for:
Vivaldi .. web browser
Opera .. web browser
Microsoft Edge .. web browser
TeamViewer .. remote desktop control
Anydesk .. remote desktop control
Zoom .. communication client
Dropbox .. cloud storage
Etcher .. data burning tool
Ventoy .. multiboot USB drive tool
MX tools .. MX tools compiled for Debian

Note that some of these are still in a "testing" phase:
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